William B. Gartner

William, B. Gartner asked the main question “Who is an entrepreneur’? (1988) but this is not easy to answer, also there have been evolved so many definitions for that.

Gartner, W.B. (1988). ‘Who is an entrepreneur? Is the wrong question. American Journal of Small Business, 12, 4 (Spring): 11-32

In a Delphi study, Gartner (1990) found eight themes expressed by the participants that constitute the nature of entrepreneurship. They were the entrepreneur, innovation, organization creation, creating value, profit or non-profit, growth, uniqueness, and the owner-manager. The themes could be seen as a derivative and expansion of Schumpeter’s earlier concept.

Gartner, W. (1990). What are we talking about when we talk about entrepreneurship, Journal of business venturing, 5, 15-28.

William, B. Gartner:
What are we talking about when we talk about entrepreneurship